We are Luminate, entertainment’s preeminent data and insights company, unleashing access to the most essential, objective, and trustworthy information across music, film and television.

Our work isn’t just powerful — it’s prescient. We’re rooted at the intersection of tech and media, in today’s challenges and tomorrow’s plans. Never losing sight of our clients’ needs, we deliver them essential guidance with the highest levels of quality and accuracy. But we always look ahead. We search for answers to questions no one has thought yet to ask. We pair exceptional technology with the most expansive and trusted database of its kind, consistently evolving, enabling our clients to make their most informed and impactful decisions. The result is a best-in-class level of predictive analytics, accompanied by expert, unbiased insight. 

We are music lovers and enthusiastic gamers, passionate film buffs and social engagers, scrolling online and tapped into the zeitgeist. We are technologists, experts across a myriad of subjects, scientists and developers. We are curious. That’s why we do what we do.

Our Team

Rob Jonas


Glenn J. Walker

Chief Data Officer

Stephen Blackwell

Chief Commercial Officer

Arnaud Retureau

Chief Product Officer

David Simon

SVP, Marketing

Christine Cenicola

SVP, Head of People

Michael Schubert

SVP, Engineering

Amy Dymond

VP, Finance

Our Board