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About Us

The Luminate brand was established in 2022. It reflects the innovative, forward-thinking work of a singular company that owns and operates a robust offering of entertainment data and insights.

Luminate’s music offerings, available in Music Connect, include the data and products previously owned and operated by Nielsen SoundScan and MRC Data. In 2022, BDS Radio products were sunset with the news that Mediabase is now Luminate’s provider for airplay data.

Luminate’s Insights team, which measures audience and consumer awareness, preferences, behaviors and intent, was previously a part of Nielsen’s research group. In its evolution, Luminate Insights has expanded its deep-dive into the global market landscape with the Music360 syndicated study, a quarterly effort, with additional syndicated, custom and consulting services offerings across all of entertainment.

Luminate Film & TV maintains the industry leading production and credits database previously known as Variety Business Intelligence.


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Learn more about the Billboard charts here.

Luminate is an independently operated company that provides the data that informs the Billboard charts.

Luminate is the industry standard source measurement platform for music consumption tracking sales, streams, downloads, audience impressions, and airplay. Only Luminate aggregates data directly from all the major DSPs/streaming providers, over 2,000 radio stations, and from over 550 retail providers. Luminate is your independent, verifiable, 3rd party data source. That data currently lives on the Music Connect platform.

The Music Connect API enables expanded access to streaming, sales, and airplay data in the U.S. and Canada. Streaming and digital sales data is also available on a per-Country or Global aggregate basis. This includes:

  • Over 200 available charts, including all Billboard charts
  • Weekly consumption data for ISRCs, Songs, Barcodes, and Albums
  • Song and Album Reference Data (Artist, Title, Core Genre, Label, and Release Date)
  • In-depth Data Feeds for Albums and Songs
  • Per County daily activity breakouts for Artists and Songs

To access the Music Connect API please contact your Luminate Data account lead or contact us here.

No, Music Connect is a music analytics platform. However, with Music Connect you can track your sales, streaming, and airplay data to make better informed decisions about your music strategy.

At this time, we do not offer one-time sales reports for purchase. The valuable music engagement data available in Music Connect requires a subscription with a minimum one-year commitment. For more information, click here.

Metro Radio Streaming, or MRS, is a module inside Music Connect that allows you to contrast streaming data and radio airplay powered by Mediabase nationwide or broken out by particular metro areas (DMA in the United States and CMA in Canada). Metro Radio Streaming has 3 powerful reports essential for content curators and promotion teams: Billboard Chart Reports, Station Reports and Market Contrast Reports. All put airplay side by side with streaming. For more information, request a demo here.

No, we don’t provide the data for those awards/certifications. Per the RIAA website: Labels apply directly for certification providing data from their sales system to support the claim. RIAA employs auditors to check the reporting coming in. If you would like to know more about the RIAA please click here.

Independent brick & mortar record stores, as well as online marketplaces, in the USA can apply to submit their sales for inclusion in the Luminate music consumption metrics and Billboard charts. If you would like to become a sales reporter to Luminate, please fill out this form. A member of the Content Services team will reach out after reviewing your submission for eligibility.

Please note: As of January 1, 2023, any new retailer, either physical or digital storefront, will be required to submit four (4) weeks of retail data to Luminate prior to inclusion in market share and chart reporting. After a successful trial period of data submission, the retailer may be included. If you have any questions on the status of your submission please reach out to Content Services.

Click here for more information.

Film & TV

Luminate Film & TV offers different data access plans tailored for different budgets and use cases. Customers can sign up for a Luminate Film & TV Discovery account and pay monthly or annually.

To sign up for our premium service Luminate Film & TV Expand please contact customer service. Discovery pricing is $35 per month while Expand pricing starts at $3,900 per year with license minimums based on company size. A typical studio account, eg: ABC Entertainment, Warner Bros. Discovery / HBO will run ~$150,000+ annually.

Discovery is a light version of the same incredible content found in the Expand plan for anyone who loves being on the inside of entertainment. The Expand plan is designed for industry professionals, corporate clients, studios, networks, streamers, etc, and includes the discovery features plus:

  • Overall Deals / Production Deals
  • Employee Contact Info (Phone & Email)
  • Org Charts
  • Exec Tracker Advanced Search
  • Export Functionality
  • Saved Searches/Custom Lists
  • Individual & Team Notes
  • Premier Live Customer Support & Training
  • Access to Luminate Film & TV iOS App

Luminate Film & TV’s entire dataset is available to clients via its application program interface or APIs.

The API framework and documentation is built around the OpenAPI Specification that helps the company’s clients design, build, document and consume REST APIs. This is great news for clients as it puts everything they need to know about Luminate Film & TV’s APIs in one place.

To request a demo of Luminate Film & TV’s data licensing offering please click here.

Luminate Film & TV Streaming Viewership is a true consumption-based metric for SVOD original content that measures minutes watched.

Streaming Viewership (M) stats:

  • Multi-source, true consumption, including ACR (Smart TV) data.
  • 2.5 million device panel.
  • Rapid return delivers measurement 24 hours after week’s completion.
  • Covers all major streaming platforms in the US.
  • Ranks top 50 original films and original series.
  • Provides viewership data for every original film and series that premiered 1/1/22 to the present.

For more information, please visit our dedicated Streaming Viewership (M) information pages by clicking here.


Luminate Insights offers global consumer and market intelligence data across all entertainment (music, film and TV) through syndicated dashboards, custom surveys and consulting services.

Our Insights offerings include syndicated reports and dashboards, custom projects and consulting engagements. Please see our descriptions below and our Insights page linked here for more information.

  • Consulting engagements: Deliver concrete recommendations, a formulated action plan, and final deliverables in the format of your choice. Reach out to us here to inquire about our consultative services.
  • Reports: Luminate’s comprehensive research reports are available in PDF format and answer the entertainment industry’s most crucial questions using original data and expert analysis.
  • Dashboards: For those of you who want to get your hands on our data to slice and dice it in real time, look to Luminate Insights dashboards within our secure portal. Schedule a consultation here for more information.

Music Connect aggregates consumption activity (sales, streaming, and airplay) while our Insights products provide market research directly from consumers.

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