Unleashing entertainment’s essential data.

Unlocking entertainment’s most

essential data.


We trade in transparency and transform through trust, extracting intelligence and insights through science, technology and expert perspective. The industry depends on us because we have earned its confidence, and continues to rely on us because we’re evolving; enabling the most valuable brands in the world to make data-informed decisions that shape entertainment’s future.

Our Data Sources

Leveraging decades of exclusive partnerships, Luminate collects verified and relevant data of the highest integrity from more than a thousand sources across more than fifty countries.


With decades-long, extensive partnerships, Luminate collates verified and relevant data of the highest quality from more than seven-hundred sources across more than forty countries.

Answering the unasked questions that direct entertainment’s most crucial decisions, Luminate produces original, broadly fielded consumer studies. The credentialed analysts, consultants and data scientists of the research team take entertainment’s leading brands beyond the data to drive their businesses forward.


With over 30 years of history, Luminate brings together BDS Radio, MRC Data, SoundScan, Music Connect, Alpha Data and Variety Business Intelligence to create the most comprehensive source of independent, objective, and foundational entertainment data.

Formerly P-MRC Data, Luminate is a joint venture between Penske Media Corporation (Variety, Rolling Stone, Vibe, Billboard) and MRC (Ozark, Knives Out, Baby Driver, MRC Live & Alternative). We are a new company with an incredible legacy that is redefining the entertainment industry with data, science and technology.

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