At Luminate, we pride ourselves on being the leading data company in the entertainment space and are dedicated to identifying data and trends that tell multifaceted stories framed by today’s culture. Our reports, masterfully curated and crafted by our expert team of researchers and analysts for our clients, are essential to that mission. 

Spotlight on
Underrepresented Audiences

The report draws on Luminate’s quarterly Entertainment 365 U.S. study which gives insights into consumer behaviors, preferences, and attitudes when it comes to a wide range of popular entertainment today (e.g. gaming, music, film, virtual reality, podcasts, and more). This report focuses on: Black/African Americans, Hispanics, Asian/Asian Americans, Native Americans, Women, and LGBTQ+ individuals, plus a bonus section on Gen Z.

Year-End and Midyear Reports

Download the full Year-End and Midyear Reports below for a deep dive on all the year’s biggest trends in music consumption that will help you navigate the year ahead.

Power of LGBTQ+ Music

Luminate is proud to present its new ‘The Power of LGBTQ+ Music’ report, which kicks off a series of spotlights on underrepresented communities within the music space.

Artist + Genre Tracker

Luminate released its new product, Artist + Genre Tracker, a best-in-class research tool to help you know what’s hot and what’s not in American music tastes with new artists and genres added quarterly. 

Gaming & Music Report

Gaming has come a long way since its early days when arcades and home computer games were a popular pastime. We decided to look further into the evolution of gaming and the central role music plays.

Global Music & Chart Report

Since launching on Sept. 19, 2020, the Global 200 and Global Excl U.S. 200 charts have included more than 1,300 songs by over 800 artists from 50+ countries. This in-depth report reviews the international superstars and emerging markets that have shaped the first year of the global charts.

Background Music: The Untapped Promotional Avenue for Music

Download our short report below to learn more about the top retail locations for engagement with music, what consumers do when they hear a song that they like (they definitely take action!), and the impact of playing the right music in a retail location.

COVID-19 Insights

Check out the data uncovered over 18+ months of studying consumers’ entertainment behaviors as they continue to evolve and adapt to an ever-changing coronavirus pandemic.