Spotlight on Music Fans in Chile, Colombia, and Argentina

In the final study of the spotlight on the biggest music markets in Latin America, Luminate released insights diving deeper into music fans in Chile, Colombia, and Argentina.  Similar to Mexico and Brazil, music is a top priority among online consumers in all three countries (Music Listenership: Chile 90%, Colombia 91%, Argentina 92%).  Interestingly, when looking across these three countries, spending priorities differ with music fans.  In Chile music fans spend more of their annual music spend on physical music than the other countries (19% share of spend), Argentina splurges on streaming (27% share of spend) and Colombia spend is more widespread across different music categories.

Live music is very popular in all three countries and social media/short video clips (eg TikTok) are the #1 source of discovery for live music events.  Among online consumers, 55% in Chile, 58% in Colombia, and 59% in Argentina plan to attend a live music event in the next year.

Download the sneak preview below to uncover the most popular streaming services and intent to subscribe, the role short video clip sites like TikTok play in music discovery, how livestream/virtual events fit in once in-person events return and much more.

*Note: Chile, Colombia, & Argentina Music 360 2021 was conducted via an online survey. The sample is representative of online consumers and does not include those who do not have access to the internet.

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