Live Music is Alive in Brazil!

When planning your tour dates, be sure to make a stop in Brazil!

Brazil’s population (214M) accounts for roughly one-third of the total population of Latin America and the Caribbean. Brazil is also a musical country boasting nearly 90% music listenership across online consumers. The number of music listeners even outpace the total population in other countries we’ve studied including Mexico and Japan, making Brazil a huge market for all things music. Events are central to life, too, and roughly one-third of online consumers state that “live events” are important in their lives.

Of course, the pandemic has slowed attendance over the past year with 37% of music listeners having been able to attend a live event this year. But live music will come back with a vengeance. Fans can’t wait to see their favorite artists and venues. Nearly 70% of music listeners are planning to attend live music in this upcoming year. That outpaces future attendance in other markets such as Japan (21%) and Mexico (62%).

Why is Brazil such a large market for live events? Well, it might come down to musical tastes. Brazilian listeners are fans of the new and old, near and far. Top genres include Pop and Brazilian Traditional Music highlighting a diverse palate. Fans also tune into local artists and global superstars with time split fairly evenly between the two. These trends suggest a market for all different kinds of performances that suit everyone’s tastes, and fans put their money where their mouth is, allocating two-thirds of their annual music spend to live events of all types.

Knowing the market is there, the next question is: how do we get fans in the door? The clear answer is social media. Nearly all online consumers in Brazil are on social media, and social sites (e.g. Facebook) and short video clip sites (e.g TikTok) have a massive reach. And, music is closely tied to social media usage, too.  Fans use social sites to discover all things music, and it is the number one discovery source of live music. Music shareability is also important with nearly half of users sharing music news with their networks.

This means that Brazilian fans are ready, reachable, and willing to spend reais for a return to live music!

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