Luminate Releases New Genre Insights

Luminate released its new genre insights powered by Artist + Genre Tracker, a best-in-class research tool to help you know what’s hot and what’s not in music tastes among consumers in the United States with currently 75 genres and subgenres included and more added quarterly.

This tool can help you answer business questions such as:

  • Which genres offer the best crossover opportunities based on listenership?
  • How do genre fans differ across streaming platforms, social media outlets and video sites?
  • What is the path to super fandom?
  • How do genres break down into subgenres and who are their unique fans?
  • Which artists in a particular genre capture the highest likability and influence among audiences, like Gen Z and Millennials?

To help give you a more complete picture of insights and data found in this new product, please download the Electronic/Dance Music Case Study below.

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