Luminate Releases 2022 Canada Midyear Report

Luminate is pleased to share our Midyear Report for 2022, presenting the most noteworthy music industry trends and insights for the first half of this year. We’re especially excited to share this report for the first time ever under our new brand, which we revealed to the world in March. Having operated previously as MRC Data and before that Nielsen Music, we now cast our identity as Luminate, a name that reflects the innovation and energy of a new and capable perspective, steeped in experience and designed to serve the entertainment industry at the very moment virtually every question’s answer depends on data. 

The 2022 music story so far, reflected in our findings, has been defined by the evolutions and continuations — both predictable and unexpected — of consumption trends that have dominated the industry’s attention over the past few years. In the report, you’ll find the latest updates on these topics, including the increase in Catalog streams, continued growth of vinyl sales, and the ways in which music is traveling and connecting across global markets.

Download the full Luminate Canada Midyear Report below for a deep dive on all the year’s biggest trends in music so far this year.

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