Luminate Releases Artist + Genre Tracker Case Study Featuring the Eagles

Luminate released its newest quarterly product, Artist + Genre Tracker – a best-in-class research tool to help you know consumer attitudes, perceptions, and behaviors when it comes to artists and genres. 

Currently at 275+ artists and 80+ genres/subgenres, more added quarterly.

This new tool can help you answer business questions such as:

  • How does my artist compare to others in the genre on consumer perceptions such as: likability, influence and fanship?
  • Which artists have the most influence when it comes to targeting specific audiences, like Gen Z and Millennials?
  • Which genre and artist fans are most open and receptive to brand partnerships and endorsements?
  • How can I position my artist to brand sponsors and other strategic partners?
  • Which category consumers best align to top genres and artists?

To see data in action, download the spotlight on the Eagles below.

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