COVID-19’s Impact On Music Fans In Spain

As the one-year mark passes since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, countries all over the world have become accustomed to new rhythms of life. In March of this year, Luminate surveyed music fans in Spain to understand how consumer attitudes and behaviors changed when it came to music and entertainment.

In the newly released Spain 360 Report, the data reveals that music has helped consumers cope with the pandemic with 86% of the general population listening to music and, not surprisingly, 94% of music listeners listening at home. Streaming behaviors have also changed during the pandemic, with 52% of music listeners in Spain streaming music online and 41% of music listeners discovering new music and artists when streaming music videos. This marks a noticeable change from the same study conducted in 2020. 

Another remarkable data point from the Spain 360 Report involves music fans returning to live events. Consumers are not comfortable returning to live events, and a small minority reported that they will go to a live-music event regardless of the risk of COVID-19. This is the lowest rate MRC Data has seen across the countries surveyed since the start of the pandemic.

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