Luminate is proud to present its new ‘The Power of LGBTQ+ Music’ report, which kicks off a series of spotlights on underrepresented communities within the music space.

The report illustrates the indisputable power and influence of queer music fans, who are more likely to spend their dollars on music — buying physical albums, artist merch, concert tickets and more — at a higher rate than other averages would suggest.
Some key takeaways from this study include:

  • LGBTQ+ consumers are 20% more likely than the general population to purchase merchandise from their favorite artists.
  • Queer-made entertainment properties, such as RuPaul’s Drag Race, have a strong level of influence on mainstream culture. On average, songs featured in Drag Race lip sync segments see an impressive 138% increase in streaming the week after the show airs.
  • Due to the increase in vinyl sales from younger audiences, data shows that LGBTQ+ Gen Z listeners, on average, spend more per month on physical copies of their favorite music than LGBTQ+ Millennials ($15 vs. $10).

To help give you a more complete picture of insights and data found in this study, please download ‘The Power of LGBTQ+ Music’ report below.

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