Decoding the Japanese Music Market

Luminate, formerly MRC Data, is excited to announce the release of Japan Music 360, the flagship consumer insight survey, which provides an in-depth view of the music landscape in Japan. Apart from the standard report, the results are also available on a web-based interactive dashboard for the first time, allowing users to customize and filter in real time with key Japanese audiences at their fingertips.
Additionally, these data and insights can help you understand key business questions such as:

  • How do music listeners in Japan engage with various types of entertainment?
  • What genres do Japanese listeners tune into most?
  • What is the interplay between modern formats like audio/video streaming and traditional physical formats?
  • How relevant is local/regional music to the Japanese audience?
  • What are key motivations/drivers to pay for music?
  • How do listeners in Japan engage with music on social media?

To find out the answers and more download a sneak preview below.

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