Understanding the needs of music listeners in Egypt, Saudi Arabia, & the UAE

Luminate is excited to announce the first ever Middle East & North Africa Music 360 study. These markets now join the flagship consumer insight survey, which provides an in-depth view of the music landscape across the world. This study covers the unique behaviors, needs, and desires of the Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and UAE music audience.

Additionally, these data and insights can help you understand key business questions such as:

  • How do music listeners in these markets engage with various types of entertainment?
  • How do modern music formats and traditional genres mix?
  • What is the role of short video clips for these music audiences?
  • What music formats secure listeners’ time and spend?
  • How do listeners in these markets engage with music on social media?
  • Do listeners in these markets attend live music? What motivates them to attend and what gets in the way?
  • Are live streamed music performances a way to reach audiences in these markets?

To find out the answers and more download a sneak preview below.

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