Understanding the Nuances of the Canadian Music Market

Luminate, formerly MRC Data, is excited to announce the return of Canada Music 360, the flagship consumer insight survey, which provides an in-depth view of the music landscape in Canada.  This is the first time we have conducted this study since the pandemic started and reveals how COVID-19 has changed the Canadian landscape.

Additionally, these data and insights can help you understand key business questions such as:

  • How do music listeners in Canada engage with various types of entertainment?
  • What are the unique needs of French-speaking music listeners in Canada?
  • What is the role of music streaming for the Canadian music audience?
  • How do more traditional formats (e.g. Radio, TV) impact the music-listening experience in Canada?
  • How do Canadian listeners engage with music on social media?
  • When will Canadian fans return to live music events? And what would make them comfortable to do so?
  • Is there a market for live streamed music in Canada? What are the perceptions of live streamed music events?

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