Luminate Releases Spotlight on Underrepresented Audiences Report

Luminate is pleased to share our Spotlight on Underrepresented Audiences report that takes a look at how audiences engage and interact with entertainment.

The report draws on Luminate’s quarterly Entertainment 365 U.S. study which gives insights into consumer behaviors, preferences, and attitudes when it comes to a wide range of popular entertainment today (e.g. gaming, music, film, virtual reality, podcasts, and more).

The report focuses on: Black/African Americans, Hispanics, Asian/Asian Americans, Native Americans, Women, and LGBTQ+ individuals, plus a bonus section on Gen Z.

Can you guess:

  • Which generation(s) is likely to drive engagement with NFTs, crypto, and the Metaverse?
  • Who are some of the biggest multitaskers, making them especially hard to reach with ads during their entertainment experiences?
  • Who is most passionate about theater-going and in-home film/series streaming, investing the most dollars into these experiences?
  • Which audience is 17% more likely to live stream music events and are 10% more likely to live stream podcasts/talk shows?
  • Which group is 35% more likely to spend money on live events and experiences?
  • Who is willing to invest big into entertainment technology and has the highest rate of fitness/exercise engagement?
  • Who listens to the most audiobooks and attends book reading events?

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