Luminate Releases the Annual U.S. Music 360 Report

It’s crazy to think that we are now 18-plus months into the coronavirus pandemic, but with the days feeling more typical and pre-pandemic activities (like live events) returning, the big question is, what does 2022 look like?

Today, Luminate released its flagship report, U.S. Music 360, which will uncover the trends you need to be aware of as you plan for 2022.  This report will provide you with the data and insights to inform strategic decision-making to drive your business forward answering key questions like:

  • How has COVID-19 impacted consumer interests, time and money spent on music, device usage, music discovery, etc.?
  • What role do virtual performances and livestream events play now that in-person events are back?
  • How are the latest music superconsumers, Gen-Z, engaging with music?
  • What are the new motivators and barriers to premium music streaming subscriptions?
  • How has the importance of social media and short-form video evolved as the line between streaming and live music blurs? 

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