Luminate Unveils New Data Platform

By Jimmy Harney
May 15, 2023
— 4 min read
By Jimmy Harney
May 15, 2023
— 4 min read

NASHVILLE, TN – May 15, 2023 – Today, Luminate, the entertainment industry’s most essential data partner, announced its new platform, built to house the company’s global data capabilities across music, film, TV and more. Launched in beta with today’s announcement, arrives outfitted with the company’s industry-leading music sales, streaming and airplay data that has powered the iconic Billboard Charts for over three decades. The product’s intuitive design was constructed to complement the rapidly evolving global entertainment industry and allows users to explore a more comprehensive view of music consumption by artist and project at both global and individual country levels. Additionally, the platform provides customers with the ability to extract more in-depth, expert-level insights, marking the start of a new chapter for the company’s multi-faceted focus on understanding the intersection of growth and disruption in music and entertainment.

Breaking the news to Luminate’s valued music industry partners this morning from the Music Biz Annual Conference in Nashville, Chief Executive Officer Rob Jonas said, “As uncertainty surrounding AI and other technological advancements begin to inundate the entertainment industry, there’s never been a more pressing time for transparency and objectivity in how data is used across music, film, TV, streaming video content and more. Luminate’s new platform is built upon three decades of expertise – the information and content we collate and analyze every day forms a rich data asset on which prediction and recommendation will become commonplace for our customers and partners. We are focused on centralized, unbiased information to help keep creators informed, honest, and united by a singular reference point.”

Luminate, which rebranded in March 2022 and was formerly known as Nielsen Music and P-MRC Data, has a long history of providing objective and verified data to the music industry. With the premiere of its new platform, the company is not only set to provide access to even more data, with the onboarding of new data provider partners to be announced in the coming weeks, but also to allow a more innovative approach and digestible way for creators and their teams to understand the global music marketplace. 

Arnaud Retureau, Luminate’s Chief Product Officer, added, “Luminate’s new platform was designed in collaboration with some of our most valued partners across the entertainment industry. Their feedback was invaluable to our efforts in providing a user experience that is beneficial to the entire music community, especially in creating a central reference point pertaining to baseline consumption metrics and expert insights. We’re looking forward to continuing to engage with that feedback to maintain the most effective and useful product possible.”

Key benefits and features in the platform, which are fully new or vastly improved from the company’s current legacy music consumption data platform Music Connect, include:

  • New and improved UI: the upgraded and adaptive user interface was built to easily extract valuable insights.  New user experience benefits include:
    • A more customizable and flexible interface, allowing for various sorting, filtering and grouping functionality;
    • An improved search with dedicated page and separation per categories for quicker access (Artist/Song/Album);
    • The ability to share dashboards with team members by simply copying and pasting a URL, maintaining the same filters, dates, etc. for easier collaboration.
  • Upgraded Data Infrastructure: Using a multi-cloud architecture incorporating Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Snowflake, the platform is faster and more flexible than any of its predecessors. It is designed to ingest thousands of data sources and present them as valuable insights and trends about consumer engagement and behavior. Data exchange and API support are available for sophisticated customers who require data ingestion into their own systems and platforms.
  • Artist Data: More comprehensive artist metadata is available in the new platform, including country of origin, language(s), label information, and more. In addition, users can drill down to the ISRC or EAN/UPC level, as well as breakout the data by different criteria and the ability to separate all activities from Charts Equivalent by providing a dedicated “Charts View”
  • Expanded global data capabilities: The new platform UI introduces international market-level data via use of global filters. Today, Music Connect largely represents North America, with the ability to drill down to US and Canadian markets. In the new platform, customers will be able to drill-down to key international data from specific countries.

To access press assets, including video previews and images of the new platform, please click here.

In the coming quarters, Luminate will incorporate its other data offerings into the new platform, including music audience research, film metadata, TV metadata, streaming video analytics, and more.

The company’s team of experts are currently on the ground in Nashville, TN at Music Biz 2023, where they’ll be participating in featured speaking sessions and curated music data programming. They’ll also be providing demos of the new platform for music industry professionals.  Learn more about their presence at the conference here:


By Kelley Williams, Brett Banducci, Yoomi Hong
May 23, 2023
— 2 min read

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